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About Ringpower

For the past 30 years, we have worked to turn our passion for Martial Arts into a full time obsession, with the help of our loyal customers and a great operational team. 

Know about Ringpower

Our journey from a humble corner shop to a major player in the Martial Arts family has been fulfilling and challenging but, above all, has taught us the value of continuous learning and improving.

Product Collection

Our mission is to provide Martial Arts clothing and equipment for club students and tournament fighters of all grades and ages. Whether you’re competing, training or coaching, at ringpowerind, you’ll find a vast selection of products to make you a more competent, all-round fighter.

We also stock approved equipment for Karate (WKF) and Taekwondo (WT) practitioners that are manufactured to high set guidelines by both federations. Approved clothing and equipment is compulsory when competing in WKF and WT competitions.

Product Quality

Every product available at ringpower has endured rigorous testing by both our quality control team and brand ambassadors. This is to ensure that our clothing and equipment can withstand the most grueling workouts and countless training sessions.

Feedback from brand ambassadors, of all disciplines, has allowed us to provide you with the most innovative and advanced equipment on the market. Whether it be uniforms or gloves, we are continuously updating our products with the latest technologies to increase durability, comfort, and protection for Martial Artists, fighters, and athletes.